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Nature Hiking Hiking at the salt farm? Definitely yes! One would just have to follow the path (still not complete and under construction) indicated
along a line and just make sure that you are accompanied by a guide. You can see the alluring views of the salt farm as well as experience fresh air. Walking is known to be good for fitness and be sure to have the proper shoes and attire for it.
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Photo with the Salt Mountain

Photo with the Salt Mountain Other countries may boast mountains covered with snow but here in Pacific Farms Inc., we offer the experience for a Salt Mountain.
The PFI salt stock pile is located at the Warehouse 1 and stores 15,000 metric tons of salt harvested annually. For Facebook enthusiasts, this is the perfect location to strike a pose and be seen.
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Healthy Meal and Snack

Healthy Meal and Snack What is a good trip, without good food? Here in Pacific Farms Inc. Agri-Eco Tour, the most delectable delicacies of Pangasinan is
served. Away from the customary tupig and puto for nibbles, PFI’s healthy snack feature’s Binungoy(also called Binungay). It is local deli made of sticky rice poured into the bamboo stick prior to cooking with coconut milk and cream. It is best paired up with ripe mangoes. This is definitely a gastronomic treat for the energetic traveler, looking for rejuvenation.
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Bird Watching

Bird Watching Among the highlights of the
Pacific Farms Agri-Eco Tour is the bird watching activity (based on availability or actual conditions) held at the evaporator areas.

Among the bird species that can be sighted are the Tern, Sand Piper, Little Grebe, Black Bellied-Plover and the Chinese Egret. Every year during winter, many species of shorebirds and wading birds escape the cold weather in temperature regions and fly in droves toward the warmer, more hospitable tropics. In the summer, they go back the same way, driven by a natural instinct for survival that has ensured the continuation of their species through the ages. Feeding on marine invertebrates and plants found along shores, these animals are very much an integral part of our coastal ecosystem.

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Salt Harvesting

Salt Harvesting Among the highlights in the PFI tour is the salt harvesting experience in the small and large bed regions of the farm. One can go and experience

himself the actual salt harvesting process using a wooden rake in the small bed area (consumer salt is harvested) as well as dig a shovel in the large bed range (industrial salt is harvested). This is to make known to the tourist the effort exerted by the salt farmers in order to produce a table staple----salt.

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Locomotive/Train Ride

Locomotive Train Ride This is definitely not your ordinary train ride, as PFI’s locomotive ride would give you a circuit along the salt farm’s 3 kilometer rail system and Large Salt bed harvesting
area. The tourists would get to see the salt warehouse, salt washer area (where the harvested salt is washed with saturated brine, preventing it from dissolving) and the large bed/crystallizer areas. Picture aficionados would also love the salt sculptures train stop plus the experience of harvesting large chunks of salt before it is washed by the washer conveyor.
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Tree Planting at the Loyalty Park

Tree Planting at the Loyalty Park Located near the mini museum and warehouse 1, the park is also a tree planting area where trees are named after the guests who planted them. The best place
for meditation, it is recommended that one takes the “monk’s walk” in the park’s grounds. To do a “monk’s walk” is to walk upon the grounds that are covered with dried leaves in silence without making any footstep sounds. Such invites calmness and control over the persona performing it.
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Salt Pairing

Salt Pairing One way to discover what salt can do as a taste enhancer is attend in Salinas' Salt Pairing Sessions. In this activity, guests get a chance to learn the proper kind of gourmet
salt to pair with a particular ingredient. With Aro-en Gourmet Salt, that offers 8 kinds of gourmet salt, guests are presented with certain food, that when perfectly paired with the right kind of salt, the combination itself can be a unique, intense experience.
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Deepening Faith

PFI Chapel Among the oldest structure in the Pacific Farms, the PFI Chapel is where the farm’s Unity Day is celebrated every year. A mass is held at the chapel as the kick-off
ceremony of the salt festival season and the harvested Mighty Energy eggs are offered as a prayer for good weather. As one of the oldest structure in the farm, the chapel has stood the typhoon Emong which hit Bolinao way back 2009 and left the sanctuary with only cemented walls and floors. An epic symbol of faith and unanimity, the construction reminds the Pacific Farms Inc. staff that every calamity brings forth the best in us, and in this case, the virtue of unity.

From a specific vantage point, tourists can see various ponds found in the middle of the farm namely the evaporator ponds which concentrate the incoming seawater into high brine.

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Sunrise View Deck

Sunrise View Deck At the break of daylight... the best spot to be is at the PFI Sunrise View Deck; where you can experience the breath taking scene of the salt farm plus the bravura sunrise.
And if you’re lucky enough, a flight of migratory birds---species of Little Grebe, Tern, Sand Piper, Black bellied-Plover, Chinese Egret may come your way, definitely not a bad bargain for getting up early (for tourists have to be at this spot at exactly 6 AM to catch the sunrise).

On the view deck, tourists can see the aerial view of the Lingayen Gulf and to the other side is the Aerial view of the Pacific Farms Inc. Furthermore, on the left most, one can enjoy the view of the Tambac Bay; beyond that is the Lingayen Gulf; then the West Philippine Sea also known as the South China Sea.

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Love Bridge

Love Bridge In every spot, it is believed that there is a tale on how it came to be, the PFI’s Love Bridge is no exception. April 1983, Pacific Farms faced financial turmoil, its workers had not been paid for
six months and the company had many debts to suppliers and other agencies. It is when the management transition from the Araneta clan to the Khonghun family ensued. It was on the Love Bridge that Mr. Johnny Khonghun arrived and faced more than 400 livid workers. In the middle of the tense moment, a goat suddenly gave birth. The process took hours up until the heat of noon which made a number of workers go home which paved way for a peaceful transition. An old folk then proclaimed, "Maganda itong simbolo ng bagong simula, mabubuhay muli ang Pacific Farms..."
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Mini Museum

Mini Museum As we all know, one's roots play an important part on one's present. This goes the same for Pacific Farms Inc., as the farm would not be what it is today without its rich history.
In this case, history is discussed inside the PFI’s oldest building, the administrative office. The tourists are taken down memory lane highlighting the farm’s moral values and how it came to be, salt farm maps, as well as PFI's history from the old photographs up to the summary discussions of the company evolution eras;1956-1983: The First Steps, 1983-1993: Transformative era, 1994-2003: Consumer Era and the years 2004 and beyond.
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Salt Lake

Salt Lake Our salt lake here has temperature that ranges from 70 to 75 degrees Celsius---hot enough to boil an egg. The Pacific Farms Salt Lake is the main site of the annual salt festival as well as the Pacific Farms Unity Day.
Salt production begins by allowing seawater into the Evaporator, where it is managed using a Brine System. The Evaporator occupies 90% of the area to concentrate the seawater into high brine. The Salt Lake (A-25 depository) is the heart of the Evaporator. The Crystallizer, where salt is actually produced and harvested occupies only 10% of Area.
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Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop As they say, at the end of each trip one must acquire a keepsake, either a photo or a souvenir. In Pacific Farms, Inc. we offer more than your typical memento. The actual products that have been harvested by the salt farmers in
PFI is vended. We offer a variety of salt based merchandise such as Tropics Minerals for the Skin, Aro-En Gourmet Salt, FIDEL Hammer Meat Tenderizing Salt, FIDEL Iodized Salt, Nigari Mineral Supplement and whole lot more.
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Good job!
We enjoyed the tour, excellent and very pleasant people. Keep up the good work!

St. Columban Alumnus
February 14, 2013

Over all experience was superb!
The entire place is beautiful and unique. It's really one of a kind, very good products and pleasant people. Looking forward to visit this farm again. Thanks a lot!

CCA Chef and Students
April 20, 2013

Very inspiring!
Excellent service and a very accomodating personnel. We learned a lot from this agri-eco tour. Thank you for your kindness!

City Nutrition Staff
June 20, 2013
Photo with the Salt Mountain Contest