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Good job! We enjoyed the tour, excellent and very pleasant people. Keep up the good work! – St. Columban Alumnus
February 14, 2013

Over all experience was superb, the entire place is beautiful and unique. It's really one of a kind, very good products and pleasant people. Looking forward to visit this farm again. Thanks a lot! – CCA Chef and Students
April 20, 2013

Very inspiring, excellent service and a very accomodating personnel. We learned a lot from this agri-eco tour. Thank you for your kindness! – City Nutrition Staff
June 20, 2013

Photo with the Salt Mountain Contest
01.Student Tour
Student Tour

It is said that knowledge is not only obtained from books and school areas, here in Pacific Farms, Inc., we prove that right.

For our student tours, we embark information about the environment and the science of salt harvesting through hands-on experiences and interactive lectures. Student tourists are then treated for a locomotive ride to relish the view of the 500 hectare salt farm in Bolinao, Pangasinan and most of all learn the tedious process of salt making. So what are you waiting for, visit us now!

02.Company Outing
Company Outing

Gearing for an unforgettable company bonding time and team building group experience?

Experience these at Pacific Farms Incorporated. With 25 personnel, you and your entire company can enjoy the view of the salt farm and have a first-hand experience of harvesting salt. Team building activities can be conducted at the Loyalty Park of PFI. Obstacle course and games can be arranged upon request. For a more fun and educational experience with your team, visit PFI.

We can help your tour wishes turn to a successful trip!
Requires advance booking and Reservations!


Pacific Farms Agri-Eco Tour is known for the impeccable Filipino Tourist Destination, Pangasinan boasts not only its tasty delicacies and breath taking spots but also a 500 hectare salt farm situated at the heart of Bolinao, Pangasinan. Pacific Farms, Incorporated (PFI) caters to every travel enthusiasts, foodie, and everyone up for a salt harvesting experience. With 15,000 metric tons of salt harvested annually, PFI is the home of the country’s very own salt mountain, perfect for photo shoots, (perfect for Facebook and Instagram users) and a unique train ride in the sphere. The PFI locomotive ride is not your usual train experience; it actually gives you a circuit along a part of the salt farm’s rail system and Large Salt bed harvesting area. Read more


TOUR REQUIREMENTS Visitors need to form a group of 25 people (drivers can be included in the head count). If you cannot reach this minimum, let us know if you are willing to be merged with another group. Scheduling of tour needs to be done one week in advance. Complete names of confirmed guests need to be submitted 3 days before day of tour. Visitors are in good health condition.

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TOUR POLICIES The Tour starts at 6:00 am and it will end at 4:00pm. If the Guest is late, the tour will skip to the next destination to follow the Tour program. PFI will not be responsible for not following the tour itinerary if the Guest is late, no refund will be honoured. Avoid bringing any materials out like salt or anything that belongs to the farm. Go to the Souvenir Shop to purchase interesting items.

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HOW TO GET THERE? It is recommended that the group brings their own vehicles. A rented bus or mini coaster where all members of the group can fit is favorable. In cases when the preference is for the groups to be travelling in several transportations, not more than 5 vehicles is highly encouraged. Inquiries about the stop over points can be requested. For directions coming from Manila, you may refer to map provided.

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